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Agricultural Handler Exposure

Database (AHED®) Development

The data purchased and generated by AHETF was carefully analyzed by AHETF, USEPA, PMRA, CDPR and USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). The data deemed acceptable by these agencies was included in the new database. 

The AHETF, in cooperation with the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and the Antimicrobial Exposure Assessment Task Force (AEATF), has developed database software, called the Agricultural Handler Exposure Database (AHED®), accessible via a web-based server, for handling the data entry, calculations, and data analysis. Thus, a common database software tool will be used for risk assessments both in North America and Europe. However, the data generated in Europe will be uploaded to the European version and the AHETF data will be uploaded to the North American (AHETF) version. In this way, the software is the same, but the data will only be that which is applicable to each continent. Likewise, the AEATF version will only contain data applicable to that Task Force.


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