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Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force
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Scope of AHETF Testing Program 

AHETF developed and submitted generic exposure data for the following 25 use scenarios. 


Open pour liquids
Open pour dry flowables
Open pour wettable powders
Wettable powders in water soluble packets
Open pour loading granules
Closed system loading of liquids
Closed system loading granules


Open cab ground boom liquids with and without soil incorporation
Closed cab ground boom liquids
Open cab airblast
Closed cab airblast
Closed cockpit fixed wing and helicopter liquids
Backpack liquids in rights-of-way
Hand gun liquids in rights-of-way

Mixer/Loader/Applicator with Hand Held Equipment:

Handgun liquids in greenhouses and nurseries
Backpack liquids in greenhouses and nurseries
Backpack granules

Seed Treatments:

Commercial treatment of seeds
Packaging treated seeds
Cleaning out seed treatment equipment
Commercial treatment of small-seeded vegetables
On-farm seed treatment of liquids
Loading and planting treated seeds
Hopper box treatment with powders

AHETF also conducted the following surveys.

Characterization of the seed treatment Industry
Throughput of commercial and downstream seed treatment facilities
Backpack application of liquids
Drip irrigation - acres treated per day
Use of backpack and hand gun equipment in greenhouses and nurseries
Acres treated per day with airblast equipment

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