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The final phase of the ARTF efforts was to analyze and collate all of the data in the database and prepare final reports that interpreted and summarized all of the procedures, calculations, analyses and results. All crop/activity combinations found within the ARTF Growers Survey were assigned to one of the clusters.

The ARTF submitted final reports on 27 worker reentry exposure studies, numerous studies in support of the surrogate compounds used in the reentry studies (method validation, field stability, storage stability, etc.) and a report on its comprehensive survey of growers. The ARTF submitted the studies it has conducted, as well as a complete report on data analysis for the many studies it purchased pior to the November 2001 deadline for submission of data pursuant to the October, 1995 Data Call-In.

The results from ARTF data, including the Growers Survey, the field studies, and additional research, will be used for the following:

· Exposure assessment: Dislodgeable Foliar Residue (DFR) x Transfer Coefficient (TC)

· Cultural practices: What activities are performed, at what timing, and how often?

· Representativeness: Which activities are similar enough to be represented by the same generic 
TCs through the ARTF clustering of crop/activities?

· DFR: Can available foliar residue be accurately estimated for any time following application?

· Mitigation: What effect does various PPE and work apparel have on exposure?





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