Scope of Testing

Scope of Testing

AHETF developed and submitted generic exposure data for the following 25 use scenarios.


  • Open pour liquids
  • Open pour dry flowables
  • Open pour wettable powders
  • Wettable powders in water soluble packets
  • Open pour loading granules
  • Mechanical transfer of liquids
  • Closed system loading of solids
  • Chemigation


  • Open cab ground boom liquids with and without soil incorporation
  • Closed cab ground boom liquids
  • Open cab airblast
  • Closed cab airblast
  • Closed cockpit aerial fixed wing and helicopter liquids
  • Backpack liquids in rights-of-way
  • Hand gun liquids in rights-of-way

Mixer/Loader/Applicator with Hand Held Equipment:

  • Handgun liquids in greenhouses and nurseries
  • Backpack liquids
  • Backpack granules

Seed Treatments: 

  • Commercial treatment of seeds
  • Packaging treated seeds
  • Cleaning out seed treatment equipment
  • Commercial treatment of small-seeded vegetables
  • On-farm seed treatment of liquids
  • Loading and planting treated seeds
  • On-farm seed treatment of solids (hopper box)

AHETF also conducted the following surveys:

  • Characterization of the seed treatment Industry
  • Throughput of commercial and downstream seed treatment facilities
  • Backpack application of liquids
  • Drip irrigation – acres treated per day
  • Use of backpack and hand gun equipment in greenhouses and nurseries
  • Acres treated per day with airblast equipment

For Additional Information

Rhonda Bichsel at rhondab@johnsonmgt.com or 660-621-4237
Dave Johnson at davejohn@johnsonmgt.com or 660-621-4241.

The AHETF has a Technology Transfer Document that contains details about the AHETF and its testing program that is available upon request.