Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force

Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force

The Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force, L.L.C. (ORETF) is a consortium of 33 agricultural chemical companies that formed a joint data development task force to satisfy requirements, established under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), for data on exposure of homeowners and professional lawn care operators during the application of pesticides; and exposure to individuals who enter a residential turf area following a pesticide application.  The exposure data are being used to assess exposure potential and conduct risk assessments for outdoor residential turf, garden and ornamental pesticide products registered by ORETF members.

ORETF was formed in December, 1994 in preparation for a scheduled Data Call-In (DCI) that was issued on March 3, 1995.  The DCI required mixer/loader/applicator dermal and inhalation exposure data and post-application exposure data for 117 active ingredients.

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